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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 21, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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neighbor and quick thinking could have saved a man's life. >> special some in insist he's a hero. it is wednesday, august 21st, i'm health are holmes in tonight for gasia, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> we are watching developing news, that massive wildfire near yosemite national park has forced the evacuation of homes at pine lake. it has grown to 25 square miles since saturday and at least two homes have already been destroyed. it's called the rim fire and it's burning in the incident
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command center when it became surrounded by flames. what happened and why everyone was told to stay where they were >> reporter: there were some tense moments. trees lit up just a few yards from dozens of supply vehicles, including fuel trucks. personnel grabbed protective gear, bracing for the worst. >> we just trying to put the best plan forward. >> it's a dicey situation. >> fire's dynamic. we have to be ready to go >> reporter: there was no evacuation because the closest place to be was right in the command post. >> we had engines out there. they were firing that road to take a lot of fuel out between the camp and where the prior was on the perimeter >> reporter: we want to show you how close the flames came. you can see it behind me and
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personnel. this is cherry lake road, the access to the camp, and became a fire break because the flames came right up to the edge of the road. >> the command post was spared largely due to the efforts of hand crews. this veteran firefighter from north lake tahoe said it was a close call. >> protecting ourselves is number one. >> staying alive. >> were you concerned? >> yes. this doesn't happen very often. >> at the fire command post, ken wayne. and two hydro electric plants have been shut down since monday. firefighters say they're concerned soot from the rim fire could caught arcing on the power lines and start even more fires. >> that meant the loss of 110 megawatts a day of power for the city of sfraen san
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francisco. it's paying $25,000 a day to pg&e for back up electricity. now to our continuing coverage of a car crash and in the oakland hills today, authorities say an 89-year-old woman lost control of her car at a stop sign. she apparently stopped on the gas instead of the break. this is in the sequoia hills neighborhood. the camry hit a gas meter and a burn fired a house, a garage. and a neighbor helped the woman out of her car. she was treated at the scene. >> i went and pulled this lady out. >> firefighters evacuated neighboring homes as a precaution. one week from tonight issue the bay bridge is scheduled to
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close -- tonight, the bay bridge is scheduled to close, the opening of the eastern span. >> however, before it opens, the entire bridge will be closed for five days beginning next wednesday night. during that time, workers will anchor the $6.4 billion span to the island and complete work mere the toll plaza. today, the highway patrol let us know its plan for stopping traffic. >> we're going to do rolling traffic breaks to redirect traffic to other freeways >> reporter: officials say the old eastern span now in use is seismically unsafe and will be torn down. jerry brown is not going to be attending. the governor's press secretaries he will be on out of town celebrating his wife's family reunion. it's not clear who will be there
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and when it will take place. demonstrators gather in san francisco at a military judge sentenced private bradley manning to 35 years in federal prison for releasing thousands of sensitive government documents to wick i leaks -- wikileaks >> reporter: the protestors are on the move. they started marching down market street. they started marching down here because they were concentrated here at justin herman plaza. but at the time, it was referred to as bradley manning plaza. >> dressed in camo, this flash mob broke out into a dance, calling him a hero. >> documents and videos he gave
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to wikileaks when he was an analyst. >> we must continue his legacy of truth telling. >> earlier today, the 25-year-old manning was sentenced to 35 in prison. >> i think the judge considered his age and also took into account that he apologized. >> the young man has been punished enough. tonight, supporters are calling on president obama to give him a pardon. >> it's immoral to release this information that allowed the american public to know about war crimes committed by our government >> reporter: about 100 people showed up for today's demonstration which was one of many held across the country, and designed to be a show of solidarity. reporting live in san francisco,
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patty lee, ktvu news. he wants to demonstrate now the national security industry has changed how it gathers internet communications. the documents are secret u.s. court opinions from 2011 and show the ns ahead inadvertently scooped up as 56,000 e-mails in three years, e-mails that had no connection to terrorism. the director says the nsa revealed the error to the court. and as a suspected car burglar is recovered tonight after being shot. the guard said he stopped on coleman road and saw someone breaking into his father's car. he tried to stop them, but he thought the suspect was drawing
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a weapon. the guard pulled his man and shot him. they are still trying to determine if the guard will face charges. and a trial is underway today for a pit bull who malled a boy. he was arrested in 2010 charged with involuntary manslaughter. he made no effort to child proof the garage. today witnesses went over photos. he faces up to ten years in prison. women students from uc berkeley convinced the late lenl slature to audit how -- legislature to audit our they handle sexual offenses. >> when they reported having been assaulted, uc berkeley officials did not investigate and did not punish the attacker.
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>> we're discouraged from reporting and we're out right lied to. . >> the legislator said the state audit should take about five months. the nine women have also filed a federal complaint. the city of san bruno is criticizing statements it may have to pay for that 2010 deadly explosion. it's considering two and a quarter billion dollar penalty and fine. >> the chairman and ceo said it could face the company into bankruptcy. according to the mayor, that contradicts the findings of several experts. he said, quote, we are deeply concerned these comments could mislead the market, and shareholder, and we hope were not made in a deliberate way to
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effect the out going process. pulled off by men opposing as utility workers, on sunny hills road, near the oakland piedmont city line. a man asked for residence to the back of his property, and while the two were in the backyard, another men stole jewelry and cash. on august 7th, a home was also broke into, by men opposing as pg&e workers. and a war of words between the city of san jose and the police officer's union in the long running fight over pay and benefits. back in june, the police rejected a pay off from the city because it was tied to a pending lawsuit over pension cuts. last week, the city sent this to officers saying the pay raise had no strings attached, but the union says more than 500 police officers rejected the latest offer. >> the fact that the city was
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essentially sending out propaga propaganda really made our on members angry. >> . and there is a new push tonight to find a missing oakland toddler six weeks after she vanished. >> a new electronic bill board went up today with the photo of 21-month-old daphne web. the father told the police she had been kidnapped while he went into a store at international and 79th avenue. i felt the truth go through my skin. >> the heroing tale of a shark survivor. and the beach is now closed after the shark sighting. and the chp is enspecting school buses as children go to
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school. and the fog's really going to make a move for the inland valleys. however will it get? i'll have the forecast.
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. more than a dozen sixth grade girls were hurt today when their school bus overturned on a highway ramp. one may have a serious brain injury and another a spinal injury. the other injuries are broken bones and cuts. the bus took the ramp way too fast and flipped over. >> here in california, the high patrol is conducting school bus inspections to try to ensure student safety. the types of violations most commonly found. >> while san mateo students
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return to class, mike has been busy, inspecting school buses, inside, outside, and underneath. >> the california highway patrol inspects each school bus every 13 months. those that don't pass inspection are put out of service. >> as far as finding outrageous violation, i've never found totally gross negligent violations. >> the chp inspected almost 4,100 school buses in the nine bay area counties. among the problems, 232 violations involve violations such as burned out bulbs, and brakes and 98 involved steering and suspension problems. 106 bay area school busses were taken out of service last year. >> i think the school buses are
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the safest vehicles on the road to date. they're the most regulated. >> each driver under law must check the bus before taking it out and report any problems. driving a bus load of school kids and challenging enough without having to worry about mechanical problems. >> i'm making sure students stay in their seats, keep a decent level of noise, they stay out of the aisle, keep their hands to themselves, all while driving safely. >> go to ktvu to view the back to school session, along with tips on how to save on back to school shopping. east bay lawmaker requested the audit in the wake of a limo
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fire that killed five women on the san mateo bridge. >> the public utilities fund has been growing, suggesting the money is not being used as it could be. they'll release details the next couple months. and an earthquake struck after 7 a.m., and was centered east of alcupulco. >> it was strong enough to make buildings sway in mexico city. the quake was filed by a 5.3 after shock. minutes came out today and the markets reacted negatively. some members believe the time to cut back on the economic stimulus should come sooner than later and they were less confident in the economic growth. the fed may not give any advance warning on the policy change. >> and thearropped
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sharply after those minutes came out. the dow fell one 05 points closing below the 15 -- 105 points, and the nasdaq lost 13 points. a german tourist who lost an arm in a shark attack in hawaii has died. >> the 20-year-old woman had been on life support. she was snoeshgling -- snorkeling. witnesses to the attack doesn't see the shark. according to state officials, this was the 9th shark attack off the hawaiian islands. >> and the water remains closed at sin son beach -- stinson beach. we spoke to a man who survived an attack more than a decade ago >> reporter: ice cold water, warm, soft sand.
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mar in county stin -- marin county stin -- stinson beach, jonathan cathrine was 16 on that right summer day. >> my right hand hit something. >> 50 yards from shore. >> there was nothing there, there was no ripple, no fin. >> spooked, he began to paddle in fast. it didn't just bite and hold on, it threw me through the air and brought me under water. >> a 12-foot great white had him in his mouth. >> i felt the teeth go through my skin, through the muscle and all the way down to my bone. it was too big to fight, so punching it or hitting it didn't
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seem reasonable. he grabbed the gills, and he swam away. and not knowing where the great white was. >> the amount of pain and feeling of being eaten is something i don't think people today really understand. >> surgery, 400 stitches, his right leg was eventually saved. >> today he's married and a father. he still patdz patdzs out paddles out himself. >> it's incredible if you see one, stay out of the water for a few days. >> he's studying to be a lawyer, and he says he will always defend his consistent support of the great white. channel 2 news. >> it really is quite a story. >> i know you're a surfer. you think about it all the time. yeah, especially this time of year, heather because this is the time of year sharks come in
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shore, august, september, october. >> as you look at our weather, temperatures cooled off just a little bit. 89 in antioch, norg an -- morgan hill was the hot spot at 90. that low pressure is starting to move out of here and it's taking that -- it took the red flag warning with it, taking that chance of thunderstorms out of the area. we are still seeing thunderstorms in the west slopes of nevada and we're seeing red flag warnings because of lightning strikes. earlier this afternoon, hundreds of lightning strikes along the west slope here in nevada from vira valley north. and this low tracks through, temperatures will fall a little bit tomorrow and stay on the mild side. and more thunderstorm chances in the north portion of california, hence the red flag warning.
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and once this leaves tomorrow, things kind of stabilize and go to what you would expect this time of year. the fog forecast, a lot of it tomorrow morning, all the way into the livermore valley, into the ped a lum a -- petaluma area. 90s are -- look at sacramento. we're looking at 80s. clear lake tomorrow, one of the hot spots. livermore at 86. the forecast high in the santa clara valley, 87, and along the coast, low 60s. >> tomorrow's the last day to settle down. high pressure attempts to build in and then we get a stabilization of the temperatures, fog at the coast and we just get chill, coolie
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coast, and mild bay. heather we'll be back with an update on the 10:00 news. and a silicone valley text giant launches an effort to bring the internet to everyone and google glass may still be a far off vision, but one with start up is already putting together a next generation app for you. look at 'em.
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. and facebook and its ceo are working to get more people on line around the world. it's working on on a partnership with some of the largest companies including nokia, samsung, and qualcomm. it says will create cheaper smart phones and make internet available to the two-thirds who are not yet connected. and going cell looking to score big with the nfl. they're in talks for rights to its sunday ticket package. this allows nfl fans to watch games outside their market. this is held by direct tv but that expires at the end of the 2014 season. if google gets the contract, it could attract thousands of viewers. >> and google is debuting a new feature for its google glass, field trip, about specific
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locations. it uses gps to track a user's location and offers facts about landmarks, bars and restaurants, or historic sites. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with 10:00 news with ktvu news. tmz is up next.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> this is big news, everybody. fred doesn't want to bang judy anymore because -- >> i'm gay. >> fred from nickelodeon, real name is lucas, people on twitter asked him straight up if he's gay. >> how did you know he's not gay? >> exactly. >> he's like, everyone is asking if i'm gay. >> so d.m.x. got arrested. he was passenger in a vehicle that made an illegal u-turn. >> argued that he recognized d.m.x. >> if you had a warrant, if he's d.m.x. he has to be drugged.


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